“Dancing with the stars”: first in the ranking ahead of Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier, Keiona eliminated at the gates of the final!

There was tension this Friday on the floor of “Dancing with the Stars” on TF1. Not because of the clash between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier, nor because of the one between Keiona and judge Chris Marques. No, this time, the pressure was linked to the competition because for the semi-final, all the couples were in danger. And rather twice than once: at the end of the first dance, the duo with the lowest score from the judges was eliminated; then, after a second pass, all were submitted to public votes.

Despite everything, good humor was essential. Going as far as a little hug between Inès Reg and Anthony Colette, who have been very cold since the start of the season. All accompanied by the complicit and always hilarious kindness of Camille Combal, even when he recalls that Keiona was “a bit of a jerk” the previous week, due to very low grades according to her. Ancient history since the winner of “Drag Race France” topped the rankings in the first round with 38 points for her impressive Argentine tango to “Désenchantée” by Mylène Farmer, including two 10s from Fauve Hautot and Mel Charlot , thus ahead of Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier.

But this first passage was synonymous with elimination for Roman Doduik and Ana Riera. The youngest of the season and the newcomer only totaled 29 points after their cha cha to “Dynamite” by BTS. Even if they were Fauve Hautot’s “favorites”, the “heels” a little too present throughout the choreography, the stiff legs and the steps too long got the better of their participation. An elimination rather well taken by the comedian, proud of his career.

An “incredible performance” from Natasha St-Pier

Barely time to recover before the other four couples had to face the improvisation challenge. Everyone discovered their dance, their outfit and their song on the floor, and only had one minute and 45 seconds to prepare. “A crazy challenge,” says Camille Combal. And which had some funny surprises in store, like when Anthony Colette confided that he had “a hole in his underwear” or Nico Capone found himself “stark naked”! However, everyone passed it with flying colors, starting with an Argentinian tango to Indila’s “Last Dance” for Inès Reg who had “rehearsed everything… except the Argentinian tango!” »

Chris Marques also praised an “incredible performance” from Natasha St-Pier on a rumba, sublimating “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker. Out of breath “just changing”, Nico Capone nevertheless performed a samba to “Je danse le Mia” by IAM. Finally, joined by Maxime Dereymez at the last second, Keiona managed a cha cha to “Vogue” by Madonna, even allowing herself a little voguing, a discipline for which the artist is renowned.

But this time, there is no question of relying on the judges. Only the public was invited to vote to choose their three finalists. After great suspense, Keiona was finally eliminated at the gates of the final. Next Friday, Natasha St-Pier and Anthony Colette, Inès Reg and Christophe Licata and Nico Capone and Inès Vandamme will try to succeed Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot to win the famous trophy!

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