crisis of French arbitration, the head of professional referees received for dismissal procedure

Stéphane Lannoy
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The head of professional arbitration, Stéphane Lannoy should be removed from his duties.

Crisis at the FFF. And at the head of French arbitration. The head of professional arbitration, Stéphane Lannoy, will be received “very soon” for an interview prior to a possible dismissal, we learned from an executive of the French Football Federation, confirming information from the newspaper The TeamAnd “his fate is sealed”estimate several sources.

Once received, probably sometime next week, the decision to sideline it would not be effective for a few days. Labor law provides for such a procedure at least two working days before sending a possible dismissal letter.

Referees criticize him for being too closely linked to the presidents of Ligue 1 clubs

But “his fate is sealed”affirms the federal executive, confirming information from other leaders of the “3F”. “We are in the situation of a coach who has lost his locker room, the vast majority of professional referees have given up” Stéphane Lannoy, former international referee, assures this same source.

The referees criticize him for being too linked to the presidents of Ligue 1 clubs and also “the technical indigence of the content of the courses offered by Lannoy”, adds the federal framework. An incident from the Montpellier-Lille match (0-0) on January 28 and revealed by L’Équipe was “the water drop” which broke the camel’s back, says the same source.

Gautier and Lannoy no longer got along

That day, Lannoy responded in the middle of the match to a message from Lille president Olivier Létang by recognizing a refereeing error, and the LOSC leader went to challenge the decision which he considered contentious, a message from Lannoy in support , in the game directors’ locker room at halftime. “The referees felt let down”, specifies the same source. Once Lannoy is dismissed, the Technical Director of Refereeing (DTA) Antony Gautier, with whom Lannoy maintains tense relations, should take on the double role and assume the interim role until the end of the season, for the last days of championship before the appointment of a new head of professional refereeing.

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