Crime: Theft of weapons at the freight yard in Maschen

Weapons theft at the freight yard in Maschen

Firearms seized from the robbery in a federal police barracks in Hamburg. photo

© Markus Scholz/dpa

The perpetrators struck at the marshalling yard near Maschen and hid 40 semi-automatic long guns in an earthen bunker. When two men approached the spot, investigators were already waiting there.

Investigators have 40 semi-automatic rifles in an earthen bunker Long weapons were found that the perpetrators are said to have previously stolen from a container at the marshalling yard in Maschen, south of Hamburg. Two men aged 49 and 30 were arrested on April 6 and arrest warrants were issued, said representatives of the Hanover Federal Police Directorate and the Lüneburg public prosecutor’s office at a press conference in Hamburg. They spoke of a “great success”.

The two suspects, originally from Belarus, lived in nearby Seevetal. According to initial findings, the weapons stolen at the end of March, which are said to have a total value of 46,000 euros, were supposed to be sold on the Darknet. According to the authorities, the theft was only discovered on March 20th at the transshipment station in Nuremberg. A security worker discovered that a container there had been opened illegally.

Investigations showed that this must have happened in mesh. The container was temporarily stored there between March 16th and 19th. According to current knowledge, the container came from China and then traveled via the port of Hamburg on the railway towards southern Germany.


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