Covid-19: How common are long-term corona consequences in children? – Knowledge

Many parents not only worry that their unvaccinated offspring will get Covid-19, but that they could also suffer long-term damage. What is known so far about the post-Covid syndrome and its spread.


Christina Berndt and Vera Schroeder

At home in Magdeburg, Sanne, almost 14, now always sits at the table with a nose clip from swimming lessons. On the ninth day after her infection with Sars-CoV-2 last December, her sense of smell only completely disappeared, at the beginning of March it came back, but incorrectly. Everything smells putrid now, inedible. And that’s how it tastes too. Sanne (who actually has a different name) has already lost five kilos, despite a nose clip. School is out of the question for her at the moment, the symptoms are just getting stronger again. It goes like this all the time, back and forth, sometimes it works better – and then it’s back again: the great exhaustion that exhausts her so much that her mother sometimes even has to help her shower.


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