Court allows further storage of nuclear waste in Bavarian Gundremmingen – Bavaria

The approval of the nuclear waste storage facility in Gundremmingen, Bavaria, will not be revoked. The Bavarian Administrative Court (VGH) in Munich has once again dismissed a corresponding lawsuit. The judges had to decide on the lawsuits brought by property owners in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant. The approval for the storage facility for spent fuel elements, which was granted more than 20 years ago, remains in force, the VGH announced on Friday. The nuclear storage facility is currently approved until 2046.

The VGH thus confirmed an earlier decision. Lawsuits against the camp in Gundremmingen, Swabia, and the two other interim storage facilities in Bavaria had already been dismissed in 2006 when storage began. The plaintiffs in the current proceedings still felt their safety was at risk. They criticized the fact that the risks of a plane crashing into the camp and bombardment by terrorists had not been sufficiently examined.

However, the VGH said that the court was of the opinion that sufficient precautions had been taken for such cases. The storage of the nuclear fuel in the containment containers is sufficiently safe for the approved storage period of 40 years.

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