Correctional referral required for the commissioner and the sub-prefect

Three and a half years after the death of Steve Maïa Caniço on the evening of the Fête de la Musique in Nantes, the prosecution announced on Wednesday that it had requested the dismissal of a police commissioner and a sub-prefect before the criminal court. Grégoire Chassaing directed the controversial operation and Johann Mougenot, then chief of staff to the prefect of Loire-Atlantique, had “chaired the preparatory meetings” of the device.

“The Rennes public prosecutor’s office took its final indictment on November 30, 2022. It requests the dismissal of the persons placed under the status of assisted witness and the dismissal of (the commissioner) Grégoire Chassaing and of (the sub-prefect ) Johann Mougenot before the criminal court, so that they can be tried on the count of manslaughter, ”wrote the Rennes prosecutor, Philippe Astruc, in a press release.

Two types of fault

According to the prosecutor, “two types of fault likely to be able to characterize criminal responsibilities, appear to be able to be released”, in the preparation (absence of barrier of the quay), but also in the conduct of the police intervention ( use of tear gas canisters by the police).

Steve Maia Caniço, 24-year-old extracurricular animator, had disappeared after a police operation intended to stop an electro evening on the banks of the Loire on the night of June 21 to 22, 2019. His body had been found, in the river, more than a month later, on July 29.

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