Continuous rain in Bavaria: autumn weather, accidents and harvest problems – Bavaria

The weather in Bavaria was characterized by heavy rain all weekend. Especially in the southernmost areas. On Sunday there were stormy gusts of up to 60 kilometers per hour, and even gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour on the Alpine peaks.

And Monday also promises to be autumnal to wintry. In the highest elevations of the Bavarian Alps, fresh snow up to 30 centimeters is possible. Showery and sometimes thunderstorms are to be expected again in the lower elevations. The maximum temperatures are around 20 degrees.

Accidents on wet roads

In the rain and on wet roads, there were also several accidents over the weekend. Most of the time they got off lightly and without injuries. There were two crashes near and in Freising. First, a 38-year-old skidded his car on Autobahn 94 because of the rain, the police reported on Sunday. The car hit the guardrail twice on Saturday. Just a few hours later, according to the police, a 21-year-old drove his car off the road on a rain-soaked road and because his speed was not adjusted. His car swerved and ran over a traffic sign. Nobody got hurt.

On the Autobahn 8 near Günzburg, almost 130 kilometers away, a 52-year-old slipped his car from the wet road into an embankment on Friday evening. The car rolled over several times, with the man suffering minor injuries, police reported on Saturday.

In northern Bavaria, the car of a 40-year-old skidded on the rain-soaked A70 near Gundelsheim (Bamberg district), the police said on Saturday. The car spun and crashed into the outer crash barrier on Friday. The driver was not injured. Also on the A73 near Ebensfeld (Lichtenfels district), a 32-year-old driver slipped during aquaplaning on Friday, it was said. He was also reportedly unharmed.

Grain harvest suffers from a lot of rain

The weather isn’t just a problem for motorists and children who are actually on their summer holidays, some farmers are also struggling with the heavy rain. The rain is good for corn, potatoes, sugar beets and grassland, according to the Bavarian Farmers’ Association. Corn and potatoes are harvested later and therefore benefit from the moisture.

However, the quality of the grain suffers when it is ready to be harvested in the field but the combine harvester cannot approach. If the grain is no longer of baking quality and can only be marketed as feed grain, this leads to major losses for the farmers, according to the association. However, this will not have any impact on consumers and thus on the supply of flour and baked goods.

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