ConsenSys Votes 7.03 Million Votes Supporting Uniswap v3 Deployment on BNB Chain

ConsenSys, developer of Web3 infrastructure and creator of popular cryptocurrency wallet “MetaMask”vote 7.03 Million Votes Support Proposal to Deploy Uniswap’s v3 Protocol on BNB Chain

According to Tally, the vote is determined by the number of UNI’s owned by ConsenSys, which is worth about $47.5 million at time of writing. Currently, 77.56% of participants agree with the proposal, with 22.07% opposed, and the week-long voting process closes on February 10.

Previously, Andreessen Horowitz or A16z voted 15 million UNI against it for using a Wormhole bridge and in favor of using LayerZero instead, as LayerZero Labs is part of the a16z portfolio.

In January 2022, Wormhole was attacked and suffered major damage. This resulted in the loss of $321 million of Wrapped Ether (wETH) tokens, and since then, Wormhole is currently secured by 19 validators and has been audited over 25 times by leading companies and has passed several validity assessments. all safe

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