Column Under Bayern: Collect Bayern points now – Bavaria

Munich, April 29th. Former Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) sharply criticized the new “Bayernpunkt” social credit system. In the first week of the full digital registration of all citizens, Seehofer had ten social credit points deducted because he had not reached the weekly minimum consumption of 1.7 kilos of meat and sausage products for male adults. “That’s unfair, my wife put me on a grain diet,” Seehofer told SZ on Monday. “Who would think up such a dirty thing?”

Seehofer’s successor Markus Söder (CSU) vehemently defended the system. “This is real fun for young and old and at the same time makes our work in the state government easier,” said Söder on Tiktok. “The focus is always on people.” The Prime Minister added: “Like this video now and get ten points.” Söder recently found out about social credit models there during his trip to China. “The Horst only sees the punishment, but there is also the reward,” said Söder. He referred to “the more than four million happy citizens” who “immediately” received 25 plus points because they drive a combustion engine.

The system stipulates that every citizen starts with 1,000 so-called Bayern points – and then gains or loses points depending on their behavior. There are 15 plus points for anyone who works in an authority that has a crucifix hung in its foyer. Anyone who consumes cannabis near a playground will receive 50 demerit points. Anyone who creates a “displayable consumption situation” by photographing themselves next to cannabis smokers with the sign “This is a playground” will receive 50 points. The sign can be ordered free of charge from the Bavarian State Chancellery, and there are three plus points for every order.

One of the losers in the first week of the project was Fabian Mehring (Free Voters), a cabinet member. Mehring had apparently made the comments in a private message. “Embarrassing and unacceptable,” said Söder. “That’s minus 30 points.” In order to balance his books, the minister reportedly immediately ordered ten playground signs. According to Söder, anyone who falls below the 500 point mark will be sent to Baden-Württemberg for three months. Anyone who falls below the 300 point limit will be permanently expatriated to North Rhine-Westphalia. Anyone who collects 1,500 points will receive a signed copy of the cookbook “#soederisst”.

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