Cold season in Bavaria: Clinics are relying more on masks again – Bavaria

In view of increasing respiratory infections and to protect their patients, clinics in Bavaria are once again relying on stricter rules for visitors and employees. At the Nuremberg Clinic, for example, an adapted mask regulation has been in effect since last Thursday, as a spokeswoman announced. The clinic recommends that visitors wear a medical mask in all indoor spaces – regardless of whether they have cold symptoms. Patients are also asked to put on a mask as soon as they leave the patient room. All employees with direct patient contact also wear masks.

Since mid-November, posters at Erlangen University Hospital have been pointing out a mask recommendation for everyone. Anyone who has a cough or a sore throat should stay away from the clinic as visitors; patients should only enter the building with a mask, as a spokesman explains. As in every autumn and winter, there are currently many cancellations due to colds and viral infections, including Corona. In some areas the personnel situation is very tense.

The University Hospital in Regensburg increased protective measures with regard to respiratory diseases several weeks ago. Employees in contact with patients have been required to wear a mask since October 1st, and visitors or accompanying persons with symptoms are asked to postpone their stay. If this is not possible, the clinic insists on a mask requirement. The mask is also recommended for visitors to the University Hospital in Augsburg. The mask is mandatory in areas with patients who are particularly susceptible to infection, such as the intensive care unit. The Munich Clinic currently operates without a mask requirement or restrictions for visitors. A spokesman said the recommendation to wear a mask applies to employees who come into contact with patients.

The Ingolstadt Clinic continues to rely on the personal responsibility of employees and visitors. A spokeswoman said anyone who shows symptoms will be asked to put on a mask. If respiratory diseases increase in certain areas, visits are temporarily no longer possible there or there is a requirement to wear a mask.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the number of severe respiratory infections has recently increased significantly. Experts recently reported a significant increase, particularly for small children and people aged 15 to 34. In small children, however, the incidence was still well below the values ​​of the same period last year and “at the level of the pre-pandemic seasons”. The data comes from random monitoring of severe acute respiratory infections in hospitals.

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