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World Cup is back again in offline format

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, many large-scale offline events around the world have been affected. which for athletes Games in places without live viewers are less exciting. The same is true for sports fans, where such restrictions are making sporting events less fun. should be able to put an end to the current turmoil Because it is the world’s first unrestricted offline large-scale sporting event. After the epidemic of COVID-19, it seems that our world is getting back on track.

The World Cup is a football tournament that takes place every four years and in 2022 Qatar has the right to host the 2022 World Cup. different Because Qatar is not only the smallest host country in history. but also the first Islamic country in It is the world’s first football tournament to host the World Cup. CoinEx will be hosting this football event with many investors and cheering on the athletes.

Recently, the crypto market has started to turn their attention to the World Cup hosted by Qatar, initially with the launch of fan tokens of various teams, which we will see later. Huge price swings According to data provided by CoinEx, SANTOS, PORTO, LAZIO and ALPINE, prices have been rising for two consecutive months. Later, football stars like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham released their own NFTs as well. Additionally, in September FIFA proposed launching “FIFA+ Collect”, a football-themed NFT collection platform. on Algorand

Currently, many companies are accepting cryptocurrencies. and surpass the limits of traditional business models with commitment to the original motivation to “Making crypto trading easier,” including CoinEx, has continued to break the limits of traditional finance. thus creating access to crypto to more users around the world This commitment reflects the values ​​promoted by the FIFA World Cup, where football allows different cultures to meet and converge through intense competition. This strengthens the fundamental impetus for peaceful global development.

As a crypto trading center It has been operating for five years, CoinEx has made no effort to provide crypto trading services. The easiest and most convenient for users around the world. With constant improvements to the code and products, CoinEx itself attracts users through the most attractive charm of crypto trading.

With 15 available languages ​​including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese, CoinEx now supports more than 600 crypto pairs and allows users to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. More than 60 fiat currencies through 10 third-party providers. Spot Trading Coverage futures contract margin trading Financial Services AMM and Dock To date, CoinEx has provided crypto trading services. Simple and easy for more than 3 million people in more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

And this December, CoinEx will celebrate its 5th anniversary. CoinEx has been adhering to its original motives and transforming complexity into simplicity. It also maintains blockchain properties such as coverage and simplicity. in every aspect of the product To allow people from all regions and cultures to step into the charm of the crypto world. since its inception and also adheres to the principles of “Making Crypto Trading Easier” And of course, CoinEx has built a strong track record with user recommendation and acceptance.

We are going through massive changes that have not been seen in a century. We are standing at the intersection of a new era. In the future, CoinEx will strive to continuously improve and accept changes to prepare for the crypto era. As our trading center sets new records together with all users, CoinEx aims to provide first-class service to global customers in the next 5 years to become the gateway to the crypto world.

​​While continuing to follow the Qatar 2022 World Cup, CoinEx will applaud every moment and encourage all athletes who push their limits to achieve this goal.

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