Climate camp in Nuremberg dismantles the tents – Bavaria

The Nuremberg climate camp breaks down its tents. As spokesman Markus Feuerlein announced on Monday, the climate camp will only exist until the end of April, after which it will be dissolved. The majority of activists had decided that in future they would prefer to use other forms of protest to draw attention to their concerns.

“The decision also has to do with the fact that Nuremberg parties have repeatedly promised climate policy measures and then implemented them,” says Feuerlein. The 365 euro ticket is such an example. Among other things, demanded by the climate camp and initially pushed by the city, the project recently failed in the city council. The climate campers also criticize having been misused by local politicians as a fig leaf all too often. Politicians would have liked to be photographed with the activists, but on the other hand they would have stuck to projects criticized by the climate camp, such as the expansion of the Frankenschnellweg.

“We will remain as a group,” says Feuerlein, who announces further campaigns by the long-term demonstrators on the subject of climate protection.

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