Claudia Roth exchanges ideas with the Munich subculture – Munich

Claudia Roth exchanges ideas with representatives of the subculture at Trikont-Verlag, the oldest independent label in the world. The conversation could pay off at least for one division.

A Minister of State for Culture visiting the backyard – that makes the local cultural scene happy, which always and proudly feels that it has been neglected. The Giesinger record publisher Trikont, “probably the oldest surviving independent label in the world,” invited the guests. Even if you don’t really have anything to give away when your coffers are chronically tight, there is a stack of guest gifts ready: the Trikont book and a few special CDs and records, some with a personal connection to the federal politician. “But she will only get that if she makes concessions to us – in writing,” says Trikont boss Eva Mair-Holmes confidently, almost a little aggressively.

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