“Cinema for Peace”: disruptive actions during Hillary Clinton’s appearance in Berlin

“Cinema for Peace”
Disruptive actions during Hillary Clinton’s appearance in Berlin

Hillary Clinton experienced disruption during her appearance in Berlin. photo

© Sebastian Christoph Gollnow/dpa

The ex-first lady appears as a star guest at a panel discussion in Berlin’s Theater des Westens – but her appearance is overshadowed by heckling from the audience.

At the “Cinema for Peace” gala at the Theater des Westens in Berlin, several people disrupted the appearance of star guest Hillary Clinton. A total of seven people stood up from their seats during the event “A Special Evening with Hillary Clinton” and loudly criticized the ex-first lady, as a dpa reporter observed. They accused the 76-year-old of, among other things, war crimes. The disruptors were then led out of the hall.

Clinton herself was not influenced by the disruptive actions. Responding to calls from a man loudly calling for a ceasefire in the Middle East, she replied: “If Hamas releases the hostages, there can be a ceasefire tomorrow.” She understood the strong emotions that many people are currently having, she said at the end of the conversation, “but you don’t solve problems by shouting.”

The talk was moderated by US journalist Ann Curry. Several political topics were addressed in the conversation, including the death of the Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, the Middle East conflict and the war in Ukraine.

The upcoming US presidential elections in November 2024 were also discussed: “I am doing everything to prevent Trump from having a second term in office,” the 76-year-old made clear.

The founder of Cinema for Peace, film producer Jaka Bizilj, repeatedly called for moderation during the event. Everyone can express their opinion, but one must remain respectful, said Bizilj.


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