“Celebrity Big Brother”: Menderes Bagci needed an ambulance

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Menderes Bagci needed an ambulance

Menderes Bagci suffered a dizzy spell on Friday.

© Sat.1/Nadine Rupp

Already in the first episode “Celebrity Big Brother” there was an emergency doctor. The reason: Menderes Bagci had a dizzy spell.

Already at the start of the anniversary season of “Celebrity Big Brother”, the celebrities had to show full physical exertion on Friday evening (8:15 p.m. on Sat.1). The snail game, in which the stars had to slip into a corresponding costume with a snail shell on their back, should have caused laughter both in the studio and in front of the TV screens at home. However, what was not seen on television: an emergency operation with “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” icon Menderes Bagci (38).

After the singer had completed the task of crawling through the finish line with a head of lettuce in his mouth, he finally got up again. However, he suffered a faint spell. The “Bild” newspaper has corresponding pictures, showing Menderes being supported by a crew member. An emergency doctor was then on hand and treated the 38-year-old on site.

“I was worried”

Menderes’ manager explained “Bild”: I was able to follow the scenes from the stands in the studio. It seemed his circulation had slowed down a bit. I was worried.” After a few minutes, however, Menderes was feeling better and was able to return to his team-mates inconspicuously.

“After a week of quarantine in the hotel without any sporting activity, the late game might have been a bit too much for him. I was glad that the staff reacted so quickly and well and that a doctor was there right away,” his manager continued .


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