Celebrities: Justin Trudeau goes to the “Barbie” movie with his son – Panorama

Justin Trudeau, 51, Canadian Prime Minister, hits pink side. “We are Team Barbie”, he wrote to a photo on Instagram, on which he and his eldest son Xavier can be seen. Trudeau chose a pink hoodie for the cinema visit and his son a pink shirt. The politician announced the separation from his wife last week.

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Russell Crowe59, New Zealand actor and director, is happy about the smile of the Germans. On the platform “X” he reported on his visit to Germany (“It was actually only a few days in two different visits, once from the east to Munich and once from the west to Munich”) and draws a positive conclusion. He particularly liked: “1. Autobahn 2. Lots of smiling and many English-speaking people 3. The landscape between the cities, the rolling hills.”

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Bodo Ramelow, 67, allotment gardener, cleans up his garden. “You’ve hardly been away for a week before the pumpkin and zucchini plants take over the garden. Then I have to take bold action,” wrote the Prime Minister of Thuringia on the “X” platform. He also posted a photo of himself with a huge zucchini in his arms and asked himself: “Is the mood in the garden very different from what many think?” Ramelow toyed with the question to a post by political scientist Johannes Varwickwho asked after an ICE encounter: “Is the mood in the country perhaps very different from what many think?”

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Bella Hadid, 26, US model, reflecting on her illness. “Being so sad and sick despite the blessings/privilege/opportunities/love around me was probably the most confusing thing ever” she wrote on Instagram about photos showing doctor’s reports and the model in the hospital. The model describes her Lyme disease as “almost 15 years of invisible suffering”. During that time, she was always supported by her family and her agents. Despite her illness, she is grateful for her path in life. “If I had to go through all of that again to get to where I am now, finally healthy, I would do it all over again.” The infectious disease Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks.

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Ed Sheeran, 32, British singer, announces surprises to concert-goers. The singer posted on Instagram a clip in which he unfolds a letter between two songs and then calls: “It’s a girl!” The camera then pans to a man and a woman in the audience who are visibly touched and hugging. “As a father of two daughters, can I say that’s really awesome,” adds Sheeran. Another cell phone recording shared on social media shows that the letter had previously been passed to the musician. the magazine People according to the moment happened at a concert on Saturday in the US city of Kansas City.

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Kamala Harris, 58, US Vice President, thanks Beyoncé for a romantic evening. “Thanks for the fun date, Beyoncé,” she wrote on Instagram about a photo that shows her and her husband Douglas Emhoff. For attending Beyoncé’s concert, Harris chose a matching gold glitter blouse.

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