Celebrities: Beyoncé is the first black woman to reach number 1 on the country charts – Panorama

Beyonce, 42, singer, is a pioneer. Her album “Cowboy Carter” reached the top of the Billboard country album charts. This makes her the first black woman to top the US country album charts, according to US magazine Billboard reported. Her eighth solo studio album sold 407,000 copies in the US in its first week after its release in late March and also reached the top of the overall Billboard 200 chart. The Texan herself had written that “Cowboy Carter” was “not a country album” but a “Beyoncé album”. She shared in the Instagram post that she had “felt unwelcome” in the country music scene during a previous experience.

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Billy Dee Williams, 87, actor, thinks “Blackfacing” is okay. “If you’re an actor, you should be able to do anything you want,” he said on the “Club Random” podcast. For example, Williams remembers watching the 1965 film “Othello,” in which Laurence Olivier appeared with his face painted black. He found his performance “very interesting”. “When he played Othello, I couldn’t help but laugh,” said Williams, who is black. “I loved it.”

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Morgan Wallen, 30, country singer, throws around. Because he According to media reports After throwing a chair from the roof terrace of a six-story building in Nashville, Tennessee, he had to spend a night in prison. According to his lawyer, Wallen cooperated with police and has since been released. According to a report by local media “WSMV” The chair thrown by Wallen landed on the ground just next to two police officers.

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John Cena46, wrestler, sees himself as his wife’s bodyguard Shay Shariatzadeh35. “One of the promises I made to her at the altar was, ‘I will never put you in danger or do my best not to put you in danger unnecessarily,'” he said on the Armchair Expert podcast. “I can’t blame anyone if they want to greet me.” He also doesn’t assume that “everyone out there has bad intentions.” “But you never know when someone will feel threatened.” The moderator Dax Shepard asked Cena that he would keep his whereabouts private. Cena said he wanted to avoid his wife, who accompanies him on all his travels, “feeling unsafe or uncomfortable in all these new places we’re going to.” “It’s simply an exercise in the strength of boundaries and the value of boundaries.”

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Leah Wagner, 29, presenter and happiness coach, prescribes proactive laughter. “If you always have a smile, that alone is nice,” she told the German Press Agency. “Or when you walk through the streets and just smile at someone. If you think like that and therefore have a positive aura, you will get that in return.” She got it from her mother. “She showed me that you should say positive things that you notice directly. For example, if we were in a restaurant and the waitress had a nice voice, my mother would tell her that too.”

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