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Angelina Jolie, 48, actress, is coached on stage by her daughter Vivienne. “Viv,” 15, was the family’s biggest theater fan and was very present during the production of the Broadway musical “The Outsiders,” said the Oscar winner dem People-Magazine. The teenager is a strict assistant. “She takes it very, very seriously,” said the mother of six. “She’ll correct me. She’ll say: Didn’t you read the memo? We have to do this, we have to see this through.”

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Bärbel Bas, 55, President of the Bundestag, also looks at the little things when it comes to the planned austerity measures in the Bundestag. Bas, treasurer of the left wing of the SPD parliamentary group until 2022, informed according to one Mirror-Report All committee chairmen are not only concerned about the fact that MPs will in future have to forego business class on flights of less than four hours and fly economy. Charging private smartphones will soon have “employment and criminal consequences”: In a company announcement, all employees were asked to only use the power grid for business purposes. Coffee machines and tea makers, microwaves and fans are excluded.

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Florian Weber49, drummer of the Sports friends Stiller, would have liked to wear the jersey number 10 of his football idol Maradona not only in his heart, but also as a tattoo on his back. But his tattoo artist was against it, Weber told him playboy. 24 years ago he thought this would be “the coolest, most meaningful, most enviable tattoo in the world.” He even imagined how people would stare at his back in the outdoor pool. However, the tattoo artist to whom he “confidently slammed his design on the table” refused. “I was devastated, but he said it would look like shit.” Despite everything, he still thinks Maradona is the best footballer.

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Heino, 85, king of folk music, has chosen his successor. As the Picture reported, the singer (“Blue, blue, blue the gentian blooms”) will pass on his “crown of folk music” to pop rapper Tream, 25. The singer from Upper Palatinate, whose real name is Timo Grabinger, has been awarded multiple gold and platinum awards for hits like “Love on the Back Seat” and achieved more than 500 million streams on Spotify in 2023. As an expression of their mutual admiration, Heino and Tream now sing the party song “Anna” in a duet – dressed as Austria’s Emperor Franz Joseph and Bavaria’s King Ludwig II.

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