“CBDC is an innovation designed for real users.”

On the topic of Integrating CBDCs into the Financial Ecosystem (How will CBDCs solve problems in the traditional financial system?), there were many interesting topics.

To begin with, most people have access to many new basic financial services. The main problem now is that international money transfers are becoming widespread and there are various risks. Having intermediaries and having to exchange money increases the cost or risk for users. Causing the central bank to issue a Technology CBDC called the mBridge project to solve various problems, mainly to increase transparency. Including reducing the risk of Settlement that may occur.

CBDC is a financial infrastructure that makes Thailand’s financial system more stable. This service is a public service that serves a wide range of users. which this structure, in addition to being diverse It also has a high degree of flexibility on its own. This is a financial structure known as a “Network” format where multiple users can sync to each other. Do not go through any intermediaries, making it convenient to use.

Lastly, most importantly, CBDC is a risk-free system. There is no risk to users to worry about. CBDCs put user safety first.

Thailand is one of the first countries in the world to start doing CBDC, but it still needs to be developed continuously as there are not many study cases for this system to study.

In general, this CBDC came out to meet the so-called “Innovation Plan”. The central bank has studied how the CBDC will meet the needs of users and what innovations it should have. Used cases are sent. Study and test to make the CBDC system stable and stable. Including being able to determine the direction to make all users confident in this system in the future

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