“Cathy Hummels – Everything at the beginning”: First date after Mats Hummels

“Cathy Hummels – Everything from scratch”
First date after Mats Hummels

“Everything at the beginning” – Cathy Hummels wants to start a new life. She tries her hand as an actress in LA and goes on her first blind date.


Between business, the first date and emotional outbursts – In the documentary “Everything at the start” Cathy Hummels gives private insights into her life.

“Today you’ll find out the whole truth,” announced Cathy Hummels at the beginning of her RTLzwei documentary “Cathy Hummels – Everything at the beginning” (also on RTL+) on. The ex-gamer’s wife takes the viewer into her life between business appointments, the first date after her marriage and emotional outbursts. The separation from Mats Hummels (33) continues to make Cathy difficult. “In the end it was Mats who said, ‘I can’t do it anymore’,” revealed the 34-year-old openly on her show.

Cathy Hummels showed herself in her documentary as a family man. She regularly invites people to garden meetings in her villa in Munich. Cathy’s big brother Sebastian Fischer took this opportunity to ask how things were going for her professionally. Hummels wanted a regular TV job in order to be able to stand on his own two feet financially. “Is it that hard to get one? I mean, I don’t watch much TV, but when I see something, there are people who can’t speak a straight sentence,” says Cathy’s brother. “You are one of the few intelligent people on TV,” said the TV presenter’s mother.

Tears from the pain of separation

Cathy Hummels didn’t have much time to relax during her documentary. After an appearance on the RTL show “Stern TV” in Cologne, a TV role in Los Angeles awaited the presenter. Cathy got a guest appearance for the cult series “X Factor”. With her father Alfred Fischer and her assistants, she went to a luxury villa in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the journey started without Cathy’s suitcase, which got lost on the flight. But the anger didn’t last long, because when they arrived at the luxurious house, everyone was enthusiastic.

Pool, palm trees and privacy for everyone. There were tears of happiness in the 34-year-old. But then the feeling of gratitude quickly turned to sadness and a fit of crying came over the ex-player’s wife. The stress and separation is the trigger for the bubbling emotions, explained Cathy. “Sometimes I was about to run away because I couldn’t do it anymore,” sobbed the ex-model on her bed in the luxury villa. A separation is particularly hard if you still love, explained the Munich woman. “In the end it was the Mats who said, ‘I can’t take it anymore'”. When asked if Mats cheated on her, Cathy swallowed hard but didn’t want to answer. During their time together in Dortmund, the presenter is said to have suffered from two severe depressions. For the 34-year-old, that’s a reason why she didn’t move from Munich to Dortmund again with her husband, even though the footballer plays for BVB there. The physical separation would not have been good for the relationship, Mats would have liked his wife to be closer to him. Despite the sadness, the presenter collected herself again, true to her new motto “Everything at the beginning”.

“I don’t know if that’s decadent, but I treated myself to it”

Morning coffee and exercise are important in Cathy Hummels’ life. For this reason, the ex-player’s wife had fitness equipment such as cross trainers delivered to the villa for her three-week stay. Not easy work for the men from the delivery service, at over 35 degrees and the heavy weight of the equipment. “I don’t know if that’s decadent, but I treated myself to it,” Cathy said to herself.

In addition to filming “X Factor”, Cathy Hummels also had a private appointment in LA. As a new single, the presenter had reported to a dating agency for “rich and beautiful”. Cathy hasn’t dated since her relationship with Mats Hummels. The nervousness was great when the moderator was waiting for the stranger in front of a diner. Then Maik appeared, a tall, dark-haired Australian. “He’s very nice and looks good too,” Cathy seemed to like her date. But then Maik explained while eating that he was an actor and showed scenes of himself on his smartphone. “It was over by then,” Cathy concludes.

Then the big day came and the shooting for “X Factor” started. For her role as Jenny in the series, Cathy had brought her own clothes, which she presented to the producers. But her style suggestions were immediately rejected by the team. Instead of a bright blue business suit, Cathy had to slip into a long gray dress for her role. After two hours of shooting, it was done – Cathy Hummels was relieved to have mastered her scene without getting muddled or stumbling.


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