Case in “case number XY … unsolved”: Serious robbery in Siegen

Case with “reference number XY … unsolved
Men beaten up and robbed in Siegen – police are looking for witnesses

The police in Siegen hopes to get information from the population through a call on the ZDF program “Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved” (symbol photo)

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On a summer evening in June 2020, two men were beaten up in downtown Siegen. One of them was also stolen. The perpetrators could still not be caught. A call in the ZDF program “Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved” should help now.

It is June 21, 2020 when three men came out of a pub in downtown Siegen. The three 33, 34 and 35 year old football fans are just crossing Hindenburgstrasse in the direction of Cinestar, and a momentous encounter ensues. At the height of a cocktail bar, they verbally clash with a larger group of around 15 men who are standing in front of the restaurant. One of the group tries unsuccessfully to trip the 35-year-old, but he doesn’t even notice.

The 33-year-old friend who runs behind him is watching the incident and tells the group to stop the aggression. Then one of the men gave him a slapstick. When he tries to call the police with his cell phone and takes a few steps to the side, he is attacked by several men and dragged to the ground. The men step on the man. He suffers serious injuries that affect him to this day.

Resident wants to interfere and falls from the second floor

When his friends want to come to his aid, they too are attacked. The 34-year-old is attacked by two men and falls to the ground. The men kick him until he loses consciousness and rob him of his wallet. The other friend manages to escape.

A local resident, then 20, observed the scene from the second floor of a residential building. In order to interfere in the action, the heavily drunk young man tried to come out of the window through a balcony and down into the street. He fell and injured himself.

Case on Wednesday at “Aktenzeichen XY … unsolved”

When the police arrived at the scene shortly after the incident, the attackers had already disappeared. To date, despite extensive investigations by the criminal police in Siegen, they have not been caught. For this reason, the incident will be broadcast on January 12th as part of the ZDF television program “Aktenzeichen XY” (Wednesday, 8:15 pm). The Kripo is hoping for further testimony and observations from the night of the crime in order to be able to clear up the incident. After the TV broadcast, witnesses can call 0271 / 7099-7099.

Source: Police Siegen-Wittgenstein

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