Capercaillie hunting is suspended for five years (and it’s not just anyone who says so)

In fifteen years, associations for the defense of the environment have managed dozens of times to have prefectural decrees in the Pyrenees which authorized the hunting of Capercaillie. But, from year to year, the decision was again made to let the hunters take these capercaillie.

A measure that will no longer be possible for the next five years. The Council of State has just imposed the suspension of the hunting of the largest wild land bird in Europe in a decision rendered on Wednesday.

“It is enjoined on the Minister responsible for hunting to issue a decree before July 15, 2022 suspending the hunting of Capercaillie throughout the metropolitan territory of France for a period of five years”, explains the highest administrative court of France.

Vulnerable species

He had been seized by several environmental defense associations who were demanding a moratorium on his hunting. “Our associations are satisfied with this decision and also call on the Ministry of Ecology to quickly take strong measures to stop the decline of the Capercaillie”, reacted the association France Nature Environnement (FNE).

With others, she had underlined in her request a “decline of the species”, qualified as “vulnerable on the French red list of threatened species”, as well as “the inaction of the public authorities”.

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