Canyon Neuron 7: New Mountain Bike vs. 15-Year-Old Predecessor – Journey

Our author’s mountain bike is now 15 years old. Time to take a look at what has changed technically in the meantime. A comparison test with the latest successor model.

The swearing and cursing then always comes relatively quickly. As soon as I’ve pedaled up the first 150 meters in altitude, sweat is dripping, my heart is pounding and I’m overtaking the e-mountain bikers with a quiet whirring sound and seemingly effortless, the question arises: why? Why do I do this sport, which is actually a real torture – whether with an old or a brand new bike. “Weaklings!” I want to call out to the e-bikers. But there is not enough air for that. And of course: Everyone according to their style – and their stomach and heart.

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