Can Claude claim his winnings in court?

According to a lawyer specializing in employment contracts for reality TV shows, Claude Dartois could take the case to court after the cancellation of the final of “Koh-Lanta”.

If the final of Koh Lanta had not been canceled this week because of cheating, Claude Dartois would have won this season. While the producer of the show ALP has decided to donate the prize pool of 100,000 euros to the Bertrand-Kamal Fund, a question arises: can Claude claim his winnings in court?

For lawyer Jérémie Assous, specialist in employment contracts for reality TV shows, Claude Dartois could take the case to court and challenge the cancellation of his victory. “It is illegal and discriminatory”, he assures in the pages of Parisian. “He could very well oppose this sanction in labor and criminal matters.”

“We fully assume this decision”

Jérémie Assous invokes labor law: “We cannot make an employee work 24 hours a day or deprive him of food outside working hours, regardless of the consent of the candidates. It is forbidden to organize such working conditions.”

“We fully assume this decision which is perfectly legal and in accordance with the values ​​and the code of honor of Koh-Lanta”, retorted from his side ALP.

An underground steak and fries

On the evening of this non-victory, Claude Dartois had reacted on social networks, tweeting: “Tonight, I am neither sad nor disappointed not to have the title”, assures the one who has never been eliminated from the ‘show, but still lost to the posts test. “My real victory over all these adventures will remain your support, your messages, your smiles and our exchanges”.

The 20th season of the very popular reality TV show on TF1 ended Tuesday without a winner, some participants having violated the code of honor of the program by procuring food “outside the game”.

The cheating case came to light on November 9. During the episode broadcast that evening, one of the emblematic candidates, Teheiura, confessed to having obtained food from the outside, including a steak and fries, something strictly prohibited by the regulations.

The Parisian later revealed that Claude and Laurent had also taken part in clandestine dinners, on the sidelines of the game.

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