But the trip is worth it: five spectacular running routes

Perhaps the five most beautiful running routes in the world

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – if you want to get to know the city in a completely different way, the Las Vegas Marathon is the place for you. Even the start in the evening with fireworks and music is spectacular.

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From Rio to Rome – there are spectacular running routes around the world. They are often the perfect combination of sport and sightseeing. We present special highlights.

Running is so much more than exercise. It can be a real experience, at least if the route is right. You move through the landscape, sweat – and get to know the world from a completely different perspective.

Where would you most like to run? We have selected the five most beautiful running routes for you:

Our top 5 of the most beautiful running routes worldwide

1. Copacabana, Brazil

The run across Rio de Janeiro’s famous beach is especially worthwhile in the early morning when the day is just beginning to break. This is one of the few moments when the city experiences something resembling stillness. The starting point for the nearly four-kilometer route is at Colonia dos Pescadores, and the destination is at Pedra de Leme. And of course you can walk back straight away. The boulevard is closed to cars on Sundays, when it is particularly quiet. And of course the weather is more pleasant in the morning, when the temperatures aren’t that high – and the wind from the sea at least cools down a bit.

2. Half Marathon Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas, USA

The gambling city is not necessarily known as a sports mecca, also because large parts of the year the temperatures are actually too high for outdoor sports. But that’s different in November and that’s when the half marathon Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas. The special feature: The legendary Las Vegas Strip will be closed to cars for the race. And so you can walk along the flickering advertising signs and famous casinos at night. And that’s not all: at the start there will be fireworks and bands will play. It starts at the MGM Grand Hotel Casino. There is also a ten-kilometer run on the same evening – for everyone who needs a bit of strength in their legs for sightseeing afterwards.

3. Comrades Marathon, South Africa

Here, too, a marathon is the perfect opportunity to get to know a country from a new perspective. However, it is one ultramarathon, so you have to be very fit. About 20,000 people start in this race. You have twelve hours to cover the almost 89 kilometers, after which the sweeper car comes. This has already led to true drama on the running track. The next race is on August 28th this year. The route runs between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. It is the world’s largest and oldest ultramarathon.

4. Yellowstone National Park Half Marathon, USA

If you are looking for spectacular nature, this is the place for you. It’s a so-called trail racing, starting in West Yellowstone. It goes past geysers and colorful ponds, sometimes you meet bison along the way. As a rule, however, they are not very interested in the runners. The route leads through the oldest and perhaps most spectacular national park in the USA via forest paths and paths.

5. Rome, Italy

Exciting runs and distances can also be found in Europe. For example at Rome Marathon. Because when do you ever have the opportunity to walk through the Italian capital undisturbed by traffic? It passes the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, and Trevi Fountain. In this race you get to know Rome.

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