Bucharest: Club boss bans players from corona vaccination

Bucharest: Club boss bans players from corona vaccination

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In Romania, club president George Becali from FCSB has banned his players from having the corona vaccination and is making a drastic comparison.

Corona chaos at the Romanian first division club FCSB Bucharest. For the league game on Saturday, the club, formerly known as Steaua Bucharest, only had 14 players available – also because club president George Becali forbids professionals and employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

“If I had a gun on the table next to the vaccination, I’d rather shoot myself,” says Becali from Romanian journalist Emanuel Rosu Twitter quoted: “There is no vaccination at the FCSB.”

Several Bucharest players have recently contracted Corona. The same goes for trainer Edward Iordanescu and his assistants.

The functionary is not a blank slate in Romania when it comes to controversial statements. For example, he made fun of the hairstyle of one of his players.

Becali with several violations of the law

“Have you ever seen a bald footballer playing with the number 10? It is impossible! Has anyone seen a bald man play football well?” Said Becali of Polish midfielder Rafal Grzelak.

The 63-year-old, once active as a politician, has already been sentenced to prison and suspended sentences several times. He is also said to have right-wing extremist tendencies. Bekali has been the owner of the FCSB since 2003. Bucharest was the last Romanian champion in 2015 and was also often represented in the Champions League.


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