Brown mob? “I already had that, I don’t need that again” – Bayern

Maria Herbst experienced the rise of the Nazis. Later also the fall of Old Würzburg. She really wanted to take part in the demonstrations against right-wing extremism, but she couldn’t manage it due to her strength. So she joined a party – on her 100th birthday.

The apartment door in downtown Würzburg remains closed for now, Maria Herbst doesn’t hear the bell. So her long-time acquaintance Simon Wagner calls her on her cell phone, she hears it and asks to come in with a smile. It was Wagner who encouraged Maria Herbst to join a party as a centenarian. Herbst asks you to take a seat and you look out over the impressive parish church of Stift Haug. And then we can start right away: a conversation about brown slogans, the downfall of old Würzburg and overcoming political indifference.

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