British Conservatives lose two seats in by-election

Status: 07/21/2023 07:52 a.m

In Britain’s by-election, the Conservatives defended ex-Prime Minister Johnson’s constituency but lost two other constituencies. The by-elections were seen as a mood test for the government.

The ruling Conservative Party in Britain lost seats in two constituencies in by-elections for the House of Commons but narrowly held out in a third constituency.

The Tories defended former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s constituency in the much-anticipated by-election in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency. According to the result announced in the morning, they won by a narrow margin of less than 500 votes.

Sensitive losses for that ruling party

The Liberal Democrats won in Somerton and Frome in the western English county of Somerset, and the Social Democratic Labor Party in Selby and Ainsty in North Yorkshire, according to the respective election officers. Previously, all three districts were in conservative hands.

The ruling party of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made serious losses, but narrowly escaped a triple defeat. A general election is expected to be held in the UK next year.

Significantly lost approval

The Tories have been in power in Britain for 13 years, but have lost support after various scandals and changes in leadership.

The government is also struggling with high inflation, economic stagnation, strikes and the state health system crisis. Sunak’s Conservatives are 20 percentage points behind Labor in the opinion polls.

Johnson resigned last summer

Johnson was forced to resign as prime minister last summer. Among other things, he fell over the “Partygate” scandal about illegal celebrations in Downing Street during the Corona lockdown.

In June, a report concluded that Johnson had deliberately lied to Parliament on the matter. He then resigned his mandate and thus escaped humiliating sanctions.

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