Breakfast is the new dinner: Why all-day breakfast is more than a trend

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All-day breakfast: Breakfast is the new dinner

Chicken & Waffles – the it dish in new breakfast restaurants

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“We actually just wanted to have a good breakfast,” explains Martin Pöller, one of the three founders of the innovative “Breakfast 3000” concept in Berlin. However, the usual breakfast cafés did not offer him and his business partners Maximiliane Wetzel and Lukas Mann the variety they longed for – too often the selection ended with the omnipresent avocado sandwich. The creative drought in the local breakfast scene led the trio to turn their vision of an ideal cafe into reality.

Today there are already two locations in Berlin for their “Breakfast 3000”, a kind of upscale breakfast restaurant where dishes to start the day can be ordered all day long (until 4 p.m.!).

Breakfast establishments with special dishes are experiencing a resurgence as they not only delight the palate but also offer new social and culinary experiences. Guests today are willing to pay for unique and high-quality breakfast experiences that exceed their expectations and start the day in a special way. Restaurateurs have recognized this demand and are responding to it with innovative concepts that break traditional breakfast boundaries. Breakfast as the new dinner – this trend reflects a change in food culture that goes far beyond eggs and pancakes.

Breakfast & Booze: Going out in the morning is becoming increasingly popular

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International flair in the morning

The café “The Morgenmuffel” in With this philosophy, Hamburg has set new standards in the Hanseatic city. This restaurant with its colorful, sophisticated interior could just as well open in other metropolises around the world – in New York City or Cape Town. The concept at Morgenmuffel is called fusion breakfast. Here you can start the day with oysters and champagne. As well as dishes such as “Chicken & Waffles”, chicken thighs breaded in panko with cheddar waffles, pickled cucumbers and cole slaw or salmon pastrami sandwich with red cabbage and apple slaw.

The breakfast seems very fine, but also hearty and hearty. International flair is exuded here early in the morning. There is also a trio of founders behind the Morgenmuffel concept, including Iman Saber Gorgan and Koosha Bahart, the founders of the Dulf’s Burger restaurants, which supply the Hanseatic city with exciting burger variants. The trio traveled a lot in preparation for the opening last year. They tested breakfast places in The Hague, London, Amsterdam and Berlin. Their conclusion: There is still a lot of room for improvement in Hamburg.

Founder Ronak Omranfar in Düsseldorf also follows a similar concept with her café “Soulbrunch”. This is where design, first-class service and an exceptional breakfast experience come together. The menu includes creative sandwiches with bresaola, air-dried beef ham, truffle mayo and rocket or Eggs Florentine with spinach and feta as well as chocolate pancakes with blueberries.

Cocktails for breakfast? Why not!

At “Breakfast 3000” the all-day breakfast concept is complemented by the option of starting the day with a cocktail. For example, if you don’t open until lunchtime, you can order a cocktail with a clear conscience. Instead of espresso there is an espresso martini, instead of tomato juice there is a Bloody Marry. But non-alcoholic versions and homemade lemonades also taste great with a hearty breakfast like Chicken & Waffles. “If you have small children, you no longer have to miss a good culinary experience,” says Pöller. “We’ve long since reached the age where we want to go out for a good meal in the morning.”

Breakfast is increasingly becoming a popular time for meeting friends and families. Breakfast has long since replaced dinner as a social event – and at the end of the day, an economic factor also plays a role in its popularity: you will always have to dig into your pockets less for breakfast than for a high-quality dinner. Experts agree: the concept of the all-day breakfast is more than just a trend. A permanent change in the dining scene is taking place here. It shows how much our attitude towards breakfast has changed – it is the new dinner, a meal that is celebrated, celebrated and, above all, enjoyed.

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