Boris Johnson apologizes to Queen over partying

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Johnson celebrated while the Queen mourned – now an apology follows

An embarrassing affair: Boris Johnson’s employees had celebrated under the lockdown. At the same time, the Queen mourned her late husband.

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After it became known that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s employees were celebrating during the Queen’s mourning period, the official residence has now apologized. It is unfortunate that the party took place during this time, a spokesman said.

As the newspaper “The Teelgraph” recently reported, employees of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office held another celebration. This took place parallel to the Corona lockdown and on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral. According to this, Johnson’s employees came together in mid-April 2021 to celebrate the farewell of two members of the prime minister’s team.

The official residence of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized to Buckingham Palace for two lockdown parties on the eve of Queen consort Prince Philip’s funeral. “It is deeply regrettable that this has taken place at a time of national mourning,” Johnson’s spokesman said in London on Friday. Johnson had already emphasized this week that behavior at the seat of government must meet the highest standards. Downing Street also takes responsibility “for things we didn’t do right”.

Party in Downing Street, mourning in Windsor

As the “Telegraph” reported, around 30 employees had been drinking and dancing in the office on April 16, 2021 until late at night. At that time, strict distance rules applied because of the corona pandemic. Regulations forced the Queen to sit alone in the chapel at her Windsor residence the next day when her husband of 73 years was buried there. Johnson did not attend the celebrations, nor was he present at Downing Street.

Prince Philip died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. A national mourning was held nationwide until his funeral on April 17.


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