Biker dies after crashing into Ironman Hamburg participant

The Ironman from Hamburg bereaved. A motorcyclist died on Sunday morning after hitting a participant in this long-distance triathlon event. After a little less than 2h30 of racing, in the south of the Hamburg agglomeration, the pilot of a motorcycle, with a cameraman who was participating in the video coverage of the race, hit a triathlete during the cycling part. The motorcyclist died on the spot, despite first aid.

“We have one dead, the driver, one seriously injured, the participant who was taken to hospital but whose life is not in danger according to current information, and the third injured, slightly, is the cameraman “, explained to the microphone of NDR a representative of the Hamburg police, Curt Wenzel.

The cameraman at the hospital

On this sector of the race, the triathletes took the road in both directions. “According to the first elements, there was a frontal collision between an accompanying motorcycle and a cyclist coming from the other direction. There are no other elements on the causes of the accident, ”explained the Hamburg police.

The 70-year-old motorcyclist died at the scene, despite first aid. The triathlete was seriously injured and taken to hospital, while the 50-year-old cameraman suffered shock and was also transferred to hospital.

The race was not stopped by the organizers. It awards the European title over the Ironman distance (3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42.2 km of running) and is a qualifier for the 2023 Ironman Worlds in Nice in the fall. Public broadcaster ARD interrupted the broadcast.

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