Bicycle lock with alarm: 5 models in comparison

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Bicycle lock with alarm: Loud is also safer – and which models are there?

Is a bicycle lock with an alarm safer than a conventional folding, U-lock or chain lock? What you should pay attention to when buying and which models are currently available.

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Bicycles have long been popular prey for thieves. But the harder you make it for petty criminals, the more likely they are to shy away. A bike lock with an alarm can help. Five current models in comparison.

More than 265,000 bicycles changed hands in Germany in 2022. But not legally. According to Statista, the number of bike thefts rose by almost 15 percent compared to the previous year. The fact that the figures from the 2010s have not yet been reached is unlikely to be of any consolation to those affected. The statistics do not record whether the thieves broke the locks or whether the bike was parked carelessly and was therefore easy prey. It doesn’t really matter. Anyone who leaves their bike out of sight – even if just for a few minutes – should take one Secure your bike lock.

The motto has always been: the thicker the steel, the safer. The bigger the tool the thieves need, the more conspicuous the action is. But the more robust the chain or shackle is, the heavier and more unwieldy the locks usually are. And yet: The ultimate safety that a well-known manufacturer claims for its most expensive products does not exist. Or is it? Bicycle locks with alarm functions have been on the rise for several years. The manufacturers are ultimately copying what has been around in cars for a long time (but is rarely used). A spiral lock with an alarm is available for less than 30 euros. If you want a U-lock or folding lock with “Beep”, you should budget between 50 and 120 euros.

Bicycle lock with alarm: That’s the idea

A bicycle lock with an alarm is intended to scare the suspected thief and alert passers-by to his plans. The alarm is triggered as soon as someone tampers with the lock without the appropriate key. While only a short warning signal sounds in the event of small vibrations or a ball flying against the wheel, the lock reacts with an alarm signal of up to 100 dB loud if the lock is handled for a longer period of time or if the lock is cut. This corresponds roughly to the noise of a chainsaw or a jackhammer and should scare away any thieves.

Important: The loudest alarm is useless if the lock’s batteries are dead. Therefore, check the charging status regularly. With some manufacturers, after connecting the bike, a short acoustic signal sounds to indicate that the alarm is armed. If this signal does not appear, the batteries should be replaced.

Bicycle lock with alarm: Five popular models in comparison

ABUS Bordo 6000KA

With the in-house security level ten (out of a maximum of 15), the Abus Bordo 6000 is one of the most stable and secure bicycle locks, even without an alarm. In addition to U-locks, folding locks like the Bordo 6000 are too time-consuming for bicycle thieves. To do this, you have to allow for an additional weight of around 1.3 kilograms when driving. That’s how much it brings Bordo 6000KA with alarm function in the 90 centimeter version on the scales. If you want to be on the safe side, use this 30 centimeters longer model, which only costs a few euros more. With a 20 second long and 100 dB loud warning tone, the Abus lock is supposed to ruin the coup for thieves. Abus calls the technology behind it 3D position detection. This is supposed to detect suspicious vibrations.

The most important information

  • folding lock
  • Weight: approx. 1300 grams
  • Length: 90 / 120 cm
  • Alarm: approx. 100 dB

Nean bicycle lock with alarm

The heavyweight in this mini comparison is a steel chain lock from Nean. The almost 1500 grams of steel are covered with a robust, UV-resistant plastic fabric. Here too, the integrated alarm reacts to vibrations on the lock or locking head. The 95 dB loud warning tone should quickly send petty criminals fleeing. That’s 90 centimeters long Nean bike lock slightly shorter than other locks with alarms. But the flexible square chain links enable the lock to also secure mopeds or motorcycles. The price is currently unbeatable (as of May 2023).

The most important information

  • Steel chain lock
  • Weight: 1420 grams
  • Length: 90cm
  • Alarm: approx. 95 dB

Security Plus spiral lock with alarm

Spiral locks are particularly popular when connecting children’s bicycles. They are comparatively light and very flexible. Most little racers have no problems putting their bike on and locking it again. Disadvantage of Flexi locks: Compared to U-locks and folding locks, the security level is rather low. An additional acoustic alarm makes all the more sense for these practical locks. This has that too Security Plus spiral lock. It is 120 centimeters long and equipped with a motion detector at one end. Which in turn is powered by a 9V block battery. A 105 dB loud alarm signal should be enough to deter thieves from stealing the secured bike. At 560 grams, this bike lock with alarm is one of the lighter ones in this small comparison.

The most important information

  • Spiral lock
  • Weight: 560 grams
  • Length: 120cm
  • Alarm: approx. 105 dB

ABUS U-lock 440A USH

At least Abus grades it at security level eight U-lock 440A USH in the in-house ranking. Technically, the 1100 gram lock can keep up with the folding version of the Bordo 6000KA. The 3D Position Detection System registers unusual vibrations and movements and sounds an alarm with a warning signal of at least 100 dB for 15 seconds. This alarm then switches itself on again. The round bracket made of hardened steel has a diameter of twelve millimeters. As with almost all Abus locks, the right holder for the bike is included in the scope of delivery.

The most important information

  • U-lock
  • Weight: 1100 grams
  • Length: k. A
  • Alarm: approx. 100 dB

Fischer 85908 alarm spiral lock

You only carry around an additional 460 grams if you do that Alarm spiral lock from Fischer has on board. In this rating, the cable lock is at the top. And when it comes to volume, it can also keep up with the folding and ironing versions. According to the manufacturer, thieves who tamper with it will hear a loud and deterring beeping sound of up to 110 dB. The alarm reacts to shocks or movements and as soon as the coiled cable is cut. What is rare for spiral locks is the included bracket that can be mounted on the frame.

The most important information

  • Spiral/cable lock
  • Weight: 460 grams
  • Length: 120cm
  • Alarm: approx. 110 dB


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