Ben Affleck: Looking forward to filming with wife Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck
Looking forward to shooting with wife Jennifer Lopez

Spouses and Best Friends: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

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‘What a joy’: Ben Affleck is excited to be working with wife Jennifer Lopez on his next film project.

Ben Affleck (50) is looking forward to working with his wife Jennifer Lopez (53). Lopez will star in the film Unstoppable, the second project from Affleck and Matt Damon’s (52) new production company Artists Equity.

“What fun, what a pleasure to do something with her, to see how amazing she is,” Affleck beamed in one TV interview with CBS News. “Going to work with your wife, going to work with your best friend,” he gushed.

Ben Affleck: ‘If you love the people at work, you probably have a pretty good life’

For Affleck, working with a loved one is an invaluable benefit. “If you don’t like who you work with and if you have difficulties or problems at work, I think that’s one of the causes of depression, anxiety and pain in people,” he said. “And vice versa, if they love the people at work, they probably have a pretty good life.”

Affleck does not want to deny that his wife is mainly in “Unstoppable” because of him. “She can’t make it seem like she’s doing me a favor, but she actually is.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez worked together from the early days of their romance. 2003 in the heavily criticized “Gigli”, a year later in “Jersey Girl”, which came to the cinema after their separation in 2004. In 2021 there was a love comeback, in 2022 “Bennifer” finally married.

“Unstoppable”: True story of a one-legged wrestler

“Unstoppable” tells the true story of Anthony Robles (34). He became a collegiate wrestling champion despite being born with only one leg. Jharrel Jerome (“Moonlight”, 25) will play Robles, with Jennifer Lopez playing his mother. Directed by Billy Goldenberg. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are serving as producers.

“Air”, the first film by Artist Equity, will start on April 6, 2023. In addition to directing the film, Affleck also stars alongside his second best friend, Matt Damon.


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