Behind the viral photo of Kylian Mbappé

Replaced in the 64th minute by Luis Enrique in favor of Gonçalo Ramos for his last Classic, Kylian Mbappé appeared annoyed by his umpteenth outing. The evening captain took off his armband and headed towards the exit, uttering what sounded like a “son of a bitch…”. Then the French international went straight back to the locker room. A controversial outing staged by Kylian Mbappé himself on his Instagram thanks to a photo of Johnny Fidelin.

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The player did not choose to take a photo of the club photographers but of the Icon Sport photographer. “During a stoppage in play, I see Mbappé starting to put his hands on his hips. And I understand that he is going to go out, and that he looks upset. But it’s true that with the typography of the jersey, the rain falling, the way of holding the armband… I didn’t choose this composition, but everything lined up perfectly to get this shot! As soon as he posted it, I knew straight away that it was going to get people talking. More than the goal of Vitinha or Ramos. More than victory » said the photographer for what is the last photo of Kylian Mbappé during a Clasico.

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