Bavaria’s Minister of Education rejects new school closures because of Corona – Bavaria

Bavaria’s Minister of Education rejects corona-related school closures as an answer to a possible autumn wave. “School not only as a place of learning, but as a social place, is too important for us to get involved in nationwide school closures again. The maxim is face-to-face teaching,” said Michael Piazolo (free voters) of the Bayern media group. If the incidences rise again, a “toolbox is needed so that we have options to react”. He calls for concrete measures from the federal government, such as rules on wearing masks and vaccinations.

But these measures would have to be in line with the restrictions outside the school. “We cannot celebrate at a Oktoberfest with almost six million visitors without measures, while strict rules apply to the schools,” he said. People would “rightly” no longer understand that. In addition, the energy supply of the school building must be ensured. “No students should have to sit in the dark and freeze – despite all the effort that may cost.”

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