Bavaria: Söder and Aiwanger continue to poke around in the fog with wind power – Bavaria

“Energy concept with a future for Bavaria” is the title of the resolution with which the CSU wants to allow exceptions to the controversial 10H distance rule. Even experts are puzzled as to what it will bring to the expansion of wind power.


Andreas Glas and Christian Sebald

The sun is already low over the Maximilianeum when Markus Söder turns the corner on Wednesday evening. The Prime Minister spent almost five hours wrestling with the CSU parliamentary group about a wind energy concept. At 6:45 p.m. he wants to show: Here is someone who has prevailed against all odds. He was “very happy,” says Söder, who apparently doesn’t know what to do with the superlatives: “big step forward”, “massive movement”, “we did well”. Then this number: 800. That’s how many wind turbines are to be built in Bavaria, significantly more than the “500 plus x” that Söder announced in March. Now he says, visibly satisfied: “The X turned out well.”

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