Bavaria: Father seriously injures baby – motive unclear – Bavaria

After a father’s brutal attack on his two-month-old son, the man’s motive is still not publicly known. The Bamberg public prosecutor’s office did not want to say on Monday whether the 38-year-old had told investigators about the attack on his partner and their child, citing tactical reasons for the investigation. “The affected child has suffered multiple fractures and a concussion, but his life is out of danger,” said a spokesman. It is unknown whether the accused man was violent for the first time or is already known to the police for assaults.

The man is said to have attacked his son on the night of Wednesday to Thursday last week in Zeil am Main (Haßberge district). When the police arrived, the man was still trying to attack the woman and the little boy. The police officers overpowered the attacker and called the emergency doctor and rescue service. He was then taken into custody for attempted murder.

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