Bavaria: Electricity price doubles in many places at the turn of the year – Bavaria

At the turn of the year, electricity will be twice as expensive for many households in Bavaria. In Munich, Nuremberg, Fürth and Augsburg, among others, prices will rise on January 1st, according to municipal companies. The very high procurement prices are having an increasing impact on the costs for customers, according to Stadtwerke München (SWM).

According to SWM, prices in Munich have risen by 122.7 percent: The annual costs for a household with two people then rise to an average of 1675.67 euros. The price per kilowatt hour (kWh) increases on average from 24.97 cents to 61.89 cents. SWM boss Florian Bieberbach emphasizes: “We will not turn off anyone who contacts us and tries to find a constructive solution.”

According to the network operator N-Ergie, the price for the most popular product in Nuremberg will increase from 23.49 cents to 44.77 cents per kWh on average. For a household that consumes 3500 kWh per year with this tariff, the additional monthly costs amount to around 63 euros. The Fürth provider Infra emphasizes that the increase can vary slightly depending on the tariff. A three-person household with a consumption of 3000 kWh pays around 140 euros a month for electricity in the new year – before the turn of the year the same amount still cost around 73 euros per month. Some of the increases were avoided thanks to a long-term purchasing strategy.

In Augsburg, the prices for an average household that consumes around 2400 kWh a year increase to 1424 euros a year, as a spokesman for the municipal utility said. In 2022, the costs for the same consumption amounted to around 885 euros. If the planned relief and the electricity price brake take effect, these costs could drop to around 932 euros for frugal households, it said. At the moment, however, many details are speculative. The electricity price brake is intended to relieve households, among other things. You get 80 percent of your previous consumption at a guaranteed gross price of 40 cents per kWh. The brake should apply from March. Then there should also be a payment of the relief amounts for January and February.

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