Bars and restaurants are trying to “quickly reconstitute the teams” with a view to May 19

Illustration of a waitress in a restaurant – GEORGES GOBET / AFP

  • Forty establishments in the Nantes region are participating in a job dating this Monday in Rezé near Nantes.
  • Ten days from the reopening of the terraces, all have strong manpower needs, while the candidates are lacking.

They only have a few days to find arms. While the government confirmed, this Monday, that the terraces will reopen on May 19, it is the uproar among professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry. This Monday, forty of them participated in a
job dating organized at the MIN of Rezé, near Nantes, in order to find their future recruits. “We have major needs, which we could not meet before having visibility, testifies Marie Verrier, head of the hotel group.
Westotel. We are looking for seasonal workers but also, and above all, people trained in the profession, and who always want to do so. “

Because after seven months of closure, far from the frantic pace of services, many seem to have left the profession, already in tension. “Some have discovered other sectors, they have reoriented themselves and aspire to less restrictive working conditions, easier to reconcile with family life,” observes Thomas Leroy, director of GNI Grand Ouest. As a result, it is now necessary to quickly reconstitute the teams, and it is not always easy. »Chef, bartender, receptionist, DJ … some 400 positions were to be filled on Monday, many of them on permanent contracts.

The job dating was organized at the MIN de Rezé near Nantes – J. Urbach / 20 Minutes

Uncertainties and impatience

It must be said that some establishments are starting from zero, or almost. Like La Madrague, a new cocktail bar which was initially due to open in May 2020 in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire. Its managers, who have two other establishments, hope that this time will be the right one, even if the team is not yet complete, especially on the side of the cooks. “We have not seen any since this morning, we will have to knock on the doors of schools to find apprentices, already foresee the recruiting officers. The problem is that we don’t even know how many positions we have exactly to offer. Everything will depend on the gauges, the weather, the way customers react… You also have to be careful. “

Despite all these uncertainties, some candidates fortunately still seem motivated. If the majority who marched from table to table this Monday morning are students, looking for a seasonal contract, more experienced profiles have also responded to this job dating. “Normally, you just have to go around the bars with your CV and recruitment is done like that, or through word of mouth,” says Pauline, a 25-year-old barmaid. The atmosphere is different here, but it’s practical since there is no other place to meet… ”

The young woman who was also tempted, for a while, to change lanes, is now impatient to find an employer, and see clients again. “It’s this job that makes me happy,” she says. Not being able to exercise it was hell. “

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