“Bares for Rares”: That’s why angels are always naked

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History lesson at “Bares for Rares”: That’s why angels are always naked

Susanne Steiger examines the naked cupid in “Bares for Rares”.


Horst Lichter is interested in a small cupid made of Meissen porcelain. The dealers are also delighted: Susanne Steiger explains to her colleagues why the angels don’t wear any clothes.

“Oh, look there, a little angel”, says Horst Lichter happily when entering the expert room of “Cash for Rares”. Strictly speaking, it is a cupid, expert Colmar Schulte-Goltz corrects him. Lights it up: “No, that’s nice,” says the moderator.

Charlotte Keller brought the good piece from Frankfurt am Main. The 63-year-old clerk has no room at home for her mother’s heirloom. Cupid was last in the closet. Not the right place for such a heavenly creature: “It should be free, it has to be out in the open,” says Lichter.

“Bares for Rares”: The expertise confirms the desired price

The cupid present here comes from a group of four representations, explains the expert. Since the 18th century there has been a “turn towards beautiful, speaking, allegorical, small groups” in the Meissen porcelain manufactory. The piece presented here dates from the late 19th century, Schulte-Goltz limits the period to the years 1880 to 1900. The saleswoman would like 1200 euros for the Cupid. The expert goes along with it: Colmar Schulte-Goltz estimates the value at 1200 to 1400 euros.

In the trading room, Susanne Steiger wants to surprise her colleagues with her education: “Do you actually know why the angels are always depicted naked?” she wants to know. But to her disappointment, Wolfgang Pauritsch knows the answer: “Because they are so warm.” Daniel Meyer opens the round of bidders with 300 euros. But when the bids rise only slowly, Charlotte Keller calls her pain threshold. The traders then pull themselves together and push the price further up.

But more than 780 euros are not offered. In the end, the seller has to give in and sell to Daniel Meyer for this amount. His colleagues congratulate him: “Such a beautiful angel of love,” says Pauritsch. “And old too.”

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