Automatic feeders for cats: How to bridge absences

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Automatic feeders for cats: How to bridge longer absences

You can use an automatic feeder to determine the time and amount of food you want to dispense

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Not every cat divides its food so that it can last the whole day. If you are away for a long time, it is even more important to know that your pet is well cared for. With an automatic feeder you can individually determine when and how many meals your velvet paw should receive.

An important note in advance: Cats should never be left alone for several days, even if they get enough food from a vending machine. The animals are very social creatures and need contact with other living beings – especially if there are no other animals in the household. If you are traveling for a long time, have someone check on the animals at least once a day. If you are not at home during the day, perhaps for work reasons, it may make sense to purchase an automatic feeder. Especially if your cat is used to having every meal at a fixed time. Or has a big appetite so that the bowl is always empty. Below we will introduce you to different models with different functions.

Automatic cat feeder: 5 models in comparison

1. Automatic feeder with timer

If you want to feed your cat twice a day when you’re out and about, this battery-operated automatic feeder with an analogue timer from Petsafe a good choice. The BPA-free compartments are large enough for 355 milliliters of dry food or semi-moist food. You can plan 24 hours in advance when your cat should get something to eat – but only 30-minute intervals are possible. The feeding bowls can then be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand.

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2. Automatic feeder with cold pack

The dishwasher-safe Cat Mate C300 automatic feeder Kerbl has three compartments made of polypropylene, each of which can store 330 grams of pet food. Thanks to an integrated cold pack, wet cat food in particular stays fresher for longer. You can set feeding times individually using a digital timer. Since the device is also only operated with batteries that are not included in the scope of delivery, you should replace them regularly if you are away for longer periods.

3. Automatic feeder with app control

This automatic cat feeder is suitable for longer absences Balimo: The device is not only able to provide up to ten meals (approx. four liters) a day – it can be controlled via an app. This gives you the opportunity to create an individual feeding plan. The machine is powered by a power supply, but in an emergency it can also be powered by batteries, for example if there is a power outage. The only downside: Unfortunately, wet food cannot be stored in it.

4. Automatic feeder for 2 cats

You can find over a kilogram of cat food in this automatic feeder Welltobe Space so that two furry friends can be adequately cared for at the same time during longer absences. For this reason, there are two bowls on the device that provide up to six meals a day at scheduled times. To set feeding times, all you need is the appropriate app – you can then plan everything else with your smartphone. This device is also operated via a power supply or batteries (in an emergency).

5. Automatic feeder with camera

If you want to keep an eye on your cat and see what it’s up to while you’re away, this automatic feeder is perfect for you Gologi Well served: The device has a Full HD camera, a microphone and a speaker so you can always keep an eye on your cat or talk to it. It has a capacity of six liters, so that up to twelve meals can be perfectly planned over a longer period of time. The machine can also be powered with a power cable or batteries.

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