Audiences: Card for “Capitaine Marleau” which dominates Arthur and “Dumbo”

Friday evening, France 2 outclassed its competitors with the broadcast of a new episode of “Captain Marleau”. The successful series carried by Corinne Masiero conquered 6.14 million viewers, according to Médiamétrie. The market share amounted to 31.5% of individuals aged four and over and 14.4% of FRDA-50s.
The unprecedented precedent, broadcast on April 8, brought together 6.26 million viewers, or 30.2% of the public (13.1% FRDA-50).

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Arthur weak on TF1

TF1 follows with a new number of “Friday everything is allowed with Arthur”. This evening, in which Booder, Inès Vandamme, Florent Peyre, Cartman, Bruno Guillon, Adil Rami, Issa Doumbia and Iris Mittenaere took part, entertained 2.21 million onlookers, until 10:07 p.m., or 10.9% of the audience. general public and 21.1% of Women Purchasing Managers under the age of fifty (FRDA-50).
On July 30, 2021, during the last broadcast of the format presented by Arthur in prime time on TF1, the program produced by Satisfaction had attracted 2.31 million viewers (13.6% 4+; 23.7% FRDA-50 ).

M6 offered the unreleased American film “Dumbo” directed by Tim Burton. The feature film about the big-eared elephant, worn by Colin Farrell, attracted 1.68 million moviegoers, or 9.0% of the general public and 15.6 on Women responsible for purchases aged under fifty years old.
Released in 2019, “Dumbo” recorded 2.39 million cinema admissions in France.

On the side of France 3, they were 1.01 million to watch the unpublished documentary “The great ladies of the small screen” directed by Danielle Moreau and narrated by Michèle Bernier. The market share amounted to 5.2% of the public and 2.3% on the FRDA-50.
Last week, the entertainment “300 choirs sing the most beautiful songs from musicals” pleased 1.37 million music lovers, for an audience share of 6.8% (1.8% of FRDA-50).

As for the other channels, France 5 dominates with the film “All fire all flame” which was followed by 989,000 viewers, or 5.0% of the entire public.

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