AS Monaco: “The biggest mistake in football since VAR”, the Marseillais are sorry for the video arbitration

At the Velodrome stadium,

A Pablo Longoria with a gray face, pacing in the spans of the Vélodrome stadium, before letting all his incomprehension burst, accompanied by large gestures of the arms: “Mamma mia, but what is the Var for”? This is the question that everyone asked themselves, on the side of Olympique de Marseille, like journalists, after the draw of the Marseillais against AS Monaco (1-1), Saturday evening at the Vélodrome stadium. , during the 20th day of Ligue 1.

The clock showed the 73rd minute when Monegasque defender Guillermo Maripan threw himself on Kolasinac to counter his shot. If the Bosnian sent the ball over the crossbar, the Chilean did not miss his opponent’s ankle with a good kick. At real speed from the press box, no scandal. But by reviewing the slow motion, we realize the blow received by Kolasinac, whose ankle could simply have let go. Except that at no time did the VAR see fit to intervene, at least to call Jérémie Pignard to review the action.

End of eight-game winning streak

Enough to drive the OM president crazy after the match, quickly imitated by his coach, Igor Tudor, at a press conference:

“For me, there is a penalty and a clean red. Since the introduction of Var, this is the biggest mistake I have seen in football. It is something inexplicable and unacceptable. »

Reactions undoubtedly exacerbated by the tension of the match, and the end of a series of eight consecutive victories for OM, between two great teams who each dominated a half. The first for Monaco, who got into the game much better than the unusually hesitant Marseillais. “We were physically behind, in the legs as well as in the heads” analyzed Igor Tudor, when his midfielder Jordan Veretout considers that he and his teammates simply “did not get into the game”. “We did less shopping than we usually do, also in the laundry,” he continued.

And in the clumsiness, to the point that the international midfielder deceived his own goalkeeper by deflecting a free kick returning from Monaco (17th). Ruben Blanco, replacing Pau Lopez excellent since the start of the season, can not blame himself. He even allowed his team to “stay in the game”, according to the unfortunate Veretout.

“A Game of Champions” by Alexis Sanchez

Conversely, after the break and an adjustment from Tudor, it was the Marseillais who could have completely reversed the situation, with this penalty not whistled on Kolasinac, and a few other situations. But “when you can’t win, you mustn’t lose”, Igor Tudor and Jordan Vere went there afterwards, and all of Marseille can say thank you to Alexis Sanchez, who almost single-handedly saves a point. El Nino Maravilla made a sublime match with desire and technical accuracy, showing, above all, the path of rebellion to his teammates. And it was he who arose to take back a ball dropped by Nubel, not impeccable on this one, after a good Nuno Tavares strike as soon as he returned from the locker room (47th).

“Today is a 10/10. He made a champion match, really a very good match. He’s a great guy with a big heart. He wants to be decisive, to help the team. I like him as a player and as a man, ”congratulated his coach.

Fortunately the Chilean was in such good shape for his team, while many feared an injury which could have been terrible for OM after the transfer of Bamba Dieng, for the moment not replaced in attack. We only wish Alexis Sanchez to be fulfilled by his president with an arrival as a striker, who could free him up even more and allow OM to take a step forward. Because with this draw, which deprives them of the record of nine consecutive victories, the Marseillais are treading water and remain 3rd at three points from Lens, and four from PSG, which faces Reims this Sunday (9 p.m.).

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