Artist Paulus Goerden: The inner workings of a shopping cart

A Düsseldorf art student irritates his followers on Instagram with a special view of his environment – and becomes more and more successful. At what point does everyday life become art?–

“Can you imagine how difficult it is for everyday installations to deal with the snow?” asks Paul Goerden, a young man with short, bleached hair. “To stand out under this heavy, uniform blanket?” His voice is gentle, the tone of his voice doesn’t immediately make it clear whether he is serious or joking. He films himself while walking through snowy Düsseldorf. Then he turns the camera and points to an overturned shopping cart with a snow-covered scarf hanging on it. “An installation here has succeeded: the material is all alone in the environment, just like the red tone. And so the installation can continue to communicate with us and makes its decisive contribution. Bye.”

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