AOC is presenting three professional displays starting at 350 euros

The fact that the Chinese company MMD is now releasing displays for professional users under its AOC brand is surprising – most buyers will probably be familiar with AOC as a manufacturer of gaming monitors. The prices, which range from 350 to almost 600 euros, do not immediately suggest that they are professional models.


The series called “Graphic Pro”, which starts in the form of the U3 family with two 27-inch models and a 32-inch model, definitely appeals to the demanding audience with its features, i.e. video and image editors. The most important point: The models are all “Calman ready”, meaning they can be calibrated in hardware together with the Calman software and a suitable colorimeter. The profile determined is then not stored in the operating system, as is the case with software calibration, but rather saved in the LUT (look-up table) of the monitor. This means it applies regardless of the computer connected.

The U3 displays can be calibrated using the Calman software and a suitable measuring head.  AOC recommends the C6 portrait displays shown, and other colorimeters are also expected to be supported.

The U3 displays can be calibrated using the Calman software and a suitable measuring head. AOC recommends the C6 portrait displays shown, and other colorimeters are also expected to be supported.

They also have in common that they cover 98% of the large DCI-P3 color space, should achieve a low color deviation (DeltaE < 2) and can handle high-contrast representation according to VESA DisplayHDR 400. For a notebook connected via a USB-C socket, they not only serve as a display, but also as a dock: They have a USB hub with four ports (5 Gbit/s) as well as a LAN socket with Gigabit Ethernet and deliver via USB C cable up to 90 watts – that’s enough even for workstation-class folding computers. In addition, they accept an image signal from a second computer via HDMI or DisplayPort socket; Using daisy chaining, you can connect a second monitor in series with your DisplayPort output. A second USB-C port can be used to connect additional peripherals, a tablet or a smartphone that can draw up to 15 watts. Practical for users who want to use two computers on one display at the same time: Using the KVM function, the monitors not only switch the signal input, but also the peripherals connected to the USB hub; There is a USB-B port for this as a connection to the other system. So you only need a mouse and a keyboard. The U3 displays emit sound via built-in stereo speakers. Not only can they be rotated, tilted and adjusted in height, but they can also be used in portrait format. On the back they have preparation for mounting a VESA arm.

The cheapest model is the Q27U3CV with a recommended retail price of 349 euros. Its 27-inch IPS display shows 2560 × 1440 pixels and is said to achieve particularly rich colors with quantum dots. The U27U3CV is also a 27-inch device whose nano-IPS panel does not have quantum dots, but has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. The recommended price is 469 euros. The U32U3CV, whose IPS display has a diagonal of 31.5″, offers more work space with the same resolution. It will cost 589 euros. AOC assumes it will be available on the market in July 2024.

AOC delivers the Graphic Pro models pre-calibrated ex works. In order to calibrate it again later, be it due to display aging, to measure a different color space or to create your own profile, you need a Calman-compatible measuring head (colorimeter) and the software. You have to get both yourself; AOC argues that the targeted audience already has the appropriate equipment and software. The company recommends the Portrait Display C6 as the measuring head, with which the factory calibration is carried out; At least for the exhibits at the presentation there was also a Datacolor Spyder hanging on one of the calibrated monitors. The process is quite simple and should take one, around five or less than ten minutes, depending on the complexity of the profiling.

Note: The producer paid for travel to the venue and accommodation for the author.


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