Annecy dismissed and disgusted… There will be no L2 at 21 clubs

For almost a month, FC Annecy had been fighting to try to keep its place in Ligue 2. But according The Teamthe board of directors of the Professional Football League (LFP) has rejected the Haute-Savoie club’s proposal for a 21-club championship next season.

The defeat of the promoted on the lawn of Paris FC (1-0) during the last day, June 2, combined with the success on the green carpet of Rodez in Bordeaux (0-1), condemned the promoted Haut-Savoyard to the 17th place and a return to National.

On June 13, Annecy announced its intention to sue its Ruthenian competitor “for active and passive sports corruption”. The meeting in Gironde was interrupted in the 23rd minute, when the Aveyronnais had just opened the scoring, when a Bordeaux supporter (residing in Annecy…) attacked striker Lucas Buades.

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