Anguished by the “end of a world”, Mylène Farmer “almost stopped everything”

His word is rare. A few days before the release of her twelfth album, and about six months before the start of her tour, Mylène Farmer granted this Sunday a interview at JDDtrying to explain, in particular, the origins of his new musical project called The influence. “This theme imposed itself on me outside of any topicality. Who hasn’t crossed paths with a so-called narcissistic perverse person? Who has not been under the influence of such a person? It’s a theme that upsets me and puts me in a black rage. (…) There is a form of control in all areas where free will, free thought, are undermined. »

The 61-year-old singer justifies the sometimes dark tones of this new album. “It’s hard not to be flabbergasted by this period when we are witnessing the end of a world… It creates a great void and mental chaos. A new world is looming, the outlines of which are not well known. The only certainty is that the passage (…) is likely to take place in violence. It’s very distressing. She confides creative difficulties. “There is this existential question: what is important in my life? For a long time I was unable to write a single word. I was thinking of stopping everything. Then it happened all of a sudden. I was like the rising tide. »

“Asking for assistance at the end of my life is what I would like”

Renowned for its media discretion, including in favor of associations, the Franco-Canadian star assumes. “I chose the path of private life, I don’t feel the need to make my commitments known. They exist but remain anonymous. I completely understand artists who act as spokespersons, but that doesn’t correspond to my personality. »

During this interview at the JDD, the one who loves to draw but does not feel “not ready” to exhibit them, the one who admires Salman Rushdie “became a political object in spite of himself”, who “dreams of getting into a flying saucer” and s flying “into another galaxy”, also positions itself on the debate on the assisted end of life.

“I have been sensitive to this subject for a very long time. A few years ago I met Marie de Hennezel, an incredible woman, devoted to these people who need so much to be supported and accompanied. So, yes, asking for assistance at my end of life is what I would wish for myself. »

As for a possible end of career, she prefers not to consider it. “I refuse to project myself, it is a source of anxiety for me. The present remains my refuge. »

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