Amazon for Black Friday: Fire TV, Echo, Kindle and Co. in a deal

Amazon Fire, Echo & Co.: The own brands are reduced for Black Friday.

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Amazon is lowering the prices of its own brands: During the “Black Friday” week, customers receive discounts on Echo devices, Fire tablets and numerous other products.

For Black Friday Week: Amazon devices reduced

Amazon starts its official“Black Friday” special offer: As of November 17th, customers can still until November 27thYou can look forward to exciting discount campaigns during the “Black Friday” week and browse through the many bargains in the online shop.

Amazon has reduced almost all devices in its device lines: Fans of the “Echo”, “Fire”, “Blink”, “Ring” and “Kindle” devices will find a suitable opportunity to expand or upgrade their ecosystem here. Yes Newcomers can also use the opportunity to try out own-brand devices or delve deeper into the product world of the online shop.

Beyond Amazon’s own brands, we have summarized the best bargains and interesting facts about Black Friday for you in our editorial.

Black Friday at Amazon: Go straight to the advance offers

So that Peppa doesn’t get angry: Amazon Fire tablets in the robust children’s version

The children’s edition Fire tablets have a reinforced frame and are robustly built.

Image: Amazon

You get to practice using technology early on – and Amazon supplies the right devices: The Fire Kids tablets offer a year of Amazon Kids+ with ad-free content such as books and games from Disney and franchises, tailored to the target group, although availability may vary regionally. They come with a two-year worry-free guarantee and a robust protective case.

To keep parents in control, a “Parent Dashboard” allows for expanded parental control options and access to additional content, while limiting access to social media and in-app purchases for children.

Echo devices: Alexa assistance in many forms

The large Echo Show 10 becomes a “smart home” center in your own four walls

Image: Amazon

Echo home assistance:

• Echo Dot 5G 2022 with clock for 36.99 euros instead of 74.99 euros (RRP)

• Echo Show 8 3G for 139.99 euros instead of 169.99 euros (RRP)

Amazon is relying on innovation with the third generation of the Echo Show 10: The display of the smart speaker is attached to a motorized arm and follows the user around the room. This function may be unusual at first, but proves to be entertaining and useful in everyday life. The sound of the device is also impressive. Overall, this update is a powerful Echo device whose price of over 200 euros seems justified and was convincing in the CHIP test.

The price is burning here: Fire TV sticks, tablets and more

Amazon Fire Tablets: At a hot price on Amazon for Black Friday.

Image: Amazon

Every year, Amazon’s own brands top the online shop’s bestseller lists. No wonder – after all, the online shop offers high discounts of over 50 percent.

You can see an overview of reduced devices from the online shop here:

Fire TV Sticks:

• Fire TV Stick Lite for 19.99 euros instead of 34.99 euros (RRP)

• Fire TV Stick for 21.99 euros instead of 44.99 euros (RRP)

• New Fire TV Stick 4K for 34.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros (RRP)

Fire tablets:

• Fire 7 tablet for 49.99 euros instead of 74.99 euros (RRP)

• Fire Tablet 8 for 74.99 euros instead of 144.99 euros (RRP)

• Fire Tablet 10 for 139.99 euros instead of 194.99 euros (RRP)

Kindle E-Reader: The “original” Amazon Devices on sale

Black Friday 2023 – eBook offers

The Amazon Kindle was one of the first hardware products that Amazon released on its own initiative. No wonder – after all, Amazon initially only sold books. Readers can benefit from discounts on the latest Kindle devices on Black Friday.

• Kindle Paperwhite for 119.99 euros instead of 149.99 euros (RRP)

• Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition for 159.99 euros instead of 189.99 euros (RRP)

• Kindle Scribe for 279.99 euros instead of 369.99 euros (RRP)

• Kindle Oasis 2019 for 194.99 euros instead of 229.99 euros (RRP)

Other Amazon own brands: Home security with “Blink” and “Ring”

You can secure your home with the smart devices from the “Ring” and Blink series.

Image: Amazon

Blink home security devices:

Ring home security devices:

This is what sets Amazon’s own brands apart

Amazon has a broad portfolio of private brands that are characterized by their ease of use and integration into the Amazon ecosystem. The best-known own brands include.

  1. Fire TV Sticks: These streaming devices offer access to a variety of media content such as films, series and music. They are known for their ease of use, voice control via Alexa and seamless integration with other Amazon services.
  2. Fire tablets: These affordable tablets are popular for accessing media content, games and books. They offer a long battery life and a robust construction, which makes them particularly family-friendly.
  3. Kindle e-readsr: Kindle devices revolutionized the e-book segment. With their e-Ink technology, which allows reading even in direct sunlight, and the ability to store thousands of books, they are popular with heavy readers.
  4. Ring Doorbells: These smart doorbells offer security features such as video surveillance, motion detection and the ability to communicate with visitors via an app. Their integration into Amazon’s smart home ecosystem makes them an important part of home automation.

The special thing about these products is that they are highly tailored to customer needs and feedback. Amazon uses its extensive data about customer preferences to develop products that are user-friendly, affordable and technologically advanced. These private labels are known not only for the direct features they offer, but also for their integration into the broader Amazon ecosystem. This enables a seamless user experience across different devices and services.

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