AMA Summary with Katrina Head Global Community from Starly .io

Hello, my name is Katy. I take care of various content at Starly.

Starly has been working on the project for over ten years. The project previously had social media platforms, including and F3.

We work together like family. We gradually share the work. But we need each other to get the job done.

We’re calling Starly a Launchpad and a marketplace for creators and collectors to expand our gaming NFT collection. We hope that collecting NFTs here will be a great experience for everyone.

With various rare NFTs, sealed pack giveaways, limited NFTs, rewards, reward points, and other mechanics, Starly looks like an evolving game.

What will the collection on Starly look like? And how to choose?

The standard collection in Starly consists of 21 cards, 4 of which are Legend (Version 50), 6 Rare (Version 100) and 11 Generic (Version 600) cards, and they are distributed as sealed packs.

We have set very high standards with our extraordinary collection of art. And we keep adding more and more levels of gamification.

We remain committed to supporting artists with good vision as outstanding artists in Starly.

When will the $STARLY token be released and where can I buy it?

We launched the token on February 17th, it was publicly sold on Blocto and OccamRazor, and now you can buy our tokens on KuCoin, Huobi, PancakeSwap and BloctoSwap.

What is a token utility?

Our main utility is Staling with 15% APY.

And we are adding layers of utility, including but not limited to reward systems.

The next benefit is – using tokens as a reward for NFT staking.

We also aim to switch to $STARLY payment in the near future.

We have previously announced that there will be a special staking tier that will be available as well. Therefore, our token holders will receive many benefits.

Can you tell us a little more about the interesting NFT staking!

Of course 🙂 Starly is the first company in Flow blockchain with NFT staking function.

I think it will be a convenient and advanced function.

Provide the ultimate user experience. You can read more about NFT staling here:

or if it is better Go check it out for yourself at!

very interesting Then can you give a brief description of its main function?

Of course, recently We have invented a Card Score system which is based on rarity. Serial number, etc. of each card. The sum of the points of all the cards you own increases your Collector Points. We will reward our top collectors each month as well.

So now the Card score system is the same as NFT staking reward – you can staking cards and on 1/365th the Card score system will calculate your points as Starly tokens as a reward for you.

very short But if you want to understand more Please feel free to read our article.

It’s great! Is there anything else I want to leave before we move on to the next part?

We have many exciting new features coming soon. We encourage you to read our goal plan overview at at all

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