Allegations against Hunter Biden: sex, drugs and wasted millions

As of: December 9th, 2023 12:17 p.m

The US President’s son, Hunter Biden, is said to have evaded millions of dollars in taxes to finance his lifestyle. The Republicans are using this to attack his father. Hunter Biden senses a conspiracy.

The interview with Hunter Biden Although it was recorded before the latest indictment, the podcast with the US President’s son was published yesterday as a targeted response to the recent legal woes of Biden’s problem child: “They’re trying to destroy a presidency,” is Hunter’s interpretation of his legal problems : It actually has nothing to do with him.

After he had previously been charged with illegal possession of weapons, this time it is about tax evasion amounting to millions. However, Biden Jr. sees himself as the victim of a massive conspiracy. “They’re trying to kill me too,” believes Hunter Biden. To cause his father more pain than he could bear.

Biden’s opponents see a bigger picture

In fact, Joe Biden has already lost two children and has had to worry about his drug addict son Hunter for the rest of his life. The latest indictment for tax evasion documents on 56 pages how the president’s son wasted millions on sex and drugs, on luxury cars, expensive memberships in golf and sex clubs – and generally maintained an extremely extravagant lifestyle at the expense of the general public. As if that weren’t enough, Joe Biden’s political opponents are also constructing a larger context.

Hunter Biden committed many crimes, claims Republican Rep. James Comer. He is chairman of the permanent oversight committee in the House of Representatives, which has been investigating the Bidens for months. Comer emphasizes that it is no coincidence that tax evasion and illegal possession of weapons are the two offenses that cannot be pursued by Joe Biden. In other words: The prosecution only wants to distract from the actual scandal!

Hunter Biden (r.) believes that the Republicans’ goal is to push him into the abyss so that Joe Biden (l.) will also collapse as president.

Relations with Ukraine and China

The investigator, David Weiss, accused Hunter Biden to protect him, the Republican alleges, to the irritation of CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

Comer’s committee has summoned Hunter Biden for questioning next Wednesday. It is said to be about his business relationships in Ukraine and China, from which father Joe allegedly also benefited. Representative Daniel Goldman is represented on the committee for the Democrats. It is not the job of the parliamentary committee to investigate Hunter Biden, said Goldman. There is no evidence of corruption and the threatened impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden are a farce.

But questions about how Hunter Biden came to the highly paid supervisory board position in a Ukrainian energy company at the same time as he withheld millions from taxes have so far remained unanswered.

In any case, the president’s problem child, now a well-earning artist, is 100 percent sure that his innocence will be proven in the end.

Sebastian Hesse, ARD Washington, tagesschau, December 8th, 2023 5:26 a.m

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